How many of you have been walking around for weeks with no physical money in your pocket? Maybe you’re one of those people who likes to carry around a wad of cash, let us be the first to let you in on a secret. You’re a dying breed, you’re the AOL of cash carriers. The truth is that number of ways to pay for goods and services has grown exponentially over the years. Cash, ATM and credit cards have been around for quite some time but Apple, Samsung and Chase Pay using your mobile phone are just scratching the surface of moving society into a new age of paperless payment platforms.

If you’re part of the recent boom in cryptocurrency offerings chances are you’re fairly happy. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon now is your chance to pad your bank account. Cryptocurrencies are not going away anytime soon and Bitcoin isn’t your only choice. There are new offerings daily and some are technologies and platforms that will drive cryptocurrencies for the next 20 years.


How do we keep these currencies and transactions secure? Security breaches seem to be a daily event when it comes to credit cards and digital transactions. How can you stay protected?

These are exciting times but they can be scary if you don’t stay up to speed. makes it a mission to explore what platforms you need to know about and what’s coming down the road and how you can stay safe while reaping all of the benefits of a new dawn of digital money, investing and purchasing.

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