Why ADA Coin Shares Are Moving Up

When it comes down to Cardano (or ADA), we can probably all agree that Bitcoin was the first generation of cryptocurrencies, before Ethereum took the platform of digital currency and expanded upon it, with the concept of trust in the form of smart contracts.

Everybody knows the importance of trust when it comes to this space, and expanding upon the platform that was provided by Bitcoin essentially provided the proof of concept to the global community.

Now we're starting to see Cardano really showing its worth and the potential that it has in store. Cardano is definitely in the category of the next generation of cryptocurrency, essentially taking everything that was learned before it and compiling all into one.

It’s because of this, Cardano is moving forward in such a way as to position itself perfectly going into the future. Cardano, like most cryptocurrencies, has its ups and downs. But there are a specific set of reasons as to why shares in Cardano are on the rise.

ADA Coin Is onto Something

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The global crypto community's response to having a technology like Cardano is to be expected, given that it is offering so many interesting things.

Cardano will certainly be seen expanding itself beyond its current position. It's well established, but there is the potential going forward to see Cardano moving even higher, especially within the timeframe of 2018.

ADA Coin Has a Bright Future

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When a technology goes up a significant amount in one month, it's obviously going to turn some heads.

The trajectory of ADA coin in the past has definitely caused some people out there to defect to Team Cardano ahead of a possible upturn. And that’s to be expected – there is a lot of future ahead for this technology, as it has a lot of different applications.

If you take a look at the list of cryptocurrencies, it’s important to consider two questions.

Firstly, what is this technology doing that's actually going to have real-world impact? And secondly, is it going to affect the way that people live their lives? When it comes to Cardano, its feature set is something that is separating it from the crowd.

The Team Behind ADA Coin

It’s important to look at the team that's been working behind Cardano and all the different variables that are often overlooked when it comes to their involvement. Looking forward and seeing the potential that's in store, the team is the reason and they’re making sure they’re bringing something worthwhile to the table.

Three organizations make up the development of ADA/Cardano. These are the Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo. Below is a little more about each of them.

The Cardano Foundation

The Cardano Foundation aims to standardize and promote the technology behind the Cardano Protocol.

  • To study and propose regulation for the     Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • To maintain Cryptocurrency and Blockchain   Standards
  • To preserve and improve the Cardano   Infrastructure
  • To adjudicate and grow the Cardano   community
  • Emurgo

    The next contributor to Cardano is Emurgo. Emurgo focuses on developing and evolving commercial ventures in order to bring new businesses into the fold and become part of Cardano’s decentralized infrastructure. Emurgo merits lie within investment and are executed in one of two ways:

  • Via direct investment as part of start-up   ventures
  • By helping to develop commercial partners   that wish to use blockchain technology to   revitalize their respective sector
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    Emurgo has continued to establish R&D centers all over the globe, factoring in key areas like the Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea, with headquarters in Japan.

    Infrastructure has been Emurgo’s first point of pride, with funds being made available to various projects and application teams as part of an effort to grow the community following growth.

    This community will see growth by way of helping existing companies to integrate blockchain strategy and decentralized programs in priority industries. Emurgo provides assistance using dedicated branches, including ventures such as Finance, Legal and Logistical bodies. These will help businesses fulfill gaps in their own business models.

    But that’s not where Emurgo stops. As well as aiding existing companies with blockchain implementation, they are also dedicated to providing help to start-up blockchain ventures that have a focus on building ADA applications.

    This help includes investment and development by way of collaboration with other blockchain companies, giving them access to research, facilities and other enterprises that may themselves need assistance.


    IOHK prides itself as a world-class technology and engineering company, founded by Jeremy Wood and Charles Hoskinson in 2015. IOHK are committed to utilizing peer-to-peer solutions, ably providing financial services to more than three billion people without access to them. IOHK designs, builds, and maintains Cardano up until 2020.

    How Can We Expect ADA Coin To Perform?

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    If we’re to make a conservative prediction in regards to Cardano, we would say that one dollar is within reach within the year of 2018. Especially with the upward mobility happening across the board with these technologies, there are a lot of different developments and partnerships along the way.

    Expect a lot of people to come around to Team Cardano moving forward as you see this technology advancing and showing what its true potential is. Certainly, Cardano has not been disappointing, having grown over half of its value in the past.

    ADA Coin Is Moving Forward

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    Cardano involvement will be interesting to spectate, given the developments that are happening within the entire cryptocurrency paradigm shift, as society, in general, begins to adapt itself to this new way of doing things.

    We also believe that technologies like Cardano are positioning themselves in a way where they will definitely be front and center when it comes to the way that cryptocurrency finds it’s way into everyday use.

    How Are People Dealing with the Advent of Crypto?

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    cryptocurrency ​​​Right now is a perfect climate for the public consciousness to really adapt itself to the reality that is cryptocurrency and involve themselves in the opportunities available.

    However, new investors might have felt uncomfortable if they had recently gotten themselves involved with crypto and then began to see all the downturn that was seen across the board previously.

    While it can be discouraging to the new people coming on board, for those who've been involved with cryptocurrency for an extended amount of time, nothing will be new (as many are aware of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency).

    However, it is interesting to see how crypto has been getting people acclimated to a specific way of doing things – it's a massive shift that's not going to happen in one day. However, when it does happen, see the results manifesting themselves in our everyday lives, so it is very notable.

    A New Way Of Doing Things

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    We are very early in the game when it comes to looking at these things, studying them and so forth – it’s even more imperative that we build a community of people so that we can all come together and share our different insights regarding these technologies.

    We also have to trust our own autonomy – all research into Cardano has to be checked over multiple times. We’re not responsible for any decision you may or may not make regarding Cardano!

    So Should You Invest In ADA Coin?

    The amount of volatility we see moving upwards with ADA coin could just as easily turn the other way. It’s important to remember to always take different variables into consideration. Depending on how you view your shares in crypto, you may be willing to hold all of your coins and never give them up.

    Regardless, it’s really exciting to be seeing the news regarding Cardano and all these different variables coming together, especially the positivity that seems to be in the air when it comes to the public consciousness regarding Cardano.

    Some of us are willing to go down to the dirt with most of the technologies that we believe in! However, for those of us who are just now getting involved, it is important to make your own decisions going forward. Over everything, stay educated as to what’s happening in the world of crypto.



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