Are you feeling like you are being robbed every time you make your average ATM visits?

Yes, many ATM users share the same sentiments.

There is an increase in grab and run crimes at these Automated Teller Machines. People get scared when using this method of withdrawing cash because it leaves one prone to criminal activity.

Separating from your hard earned cash, is a bitter pill to swallow, even when doing so willing at stores and other retailers.

But this is not the kind of robbery we are talking about.

Criminals seem to grow and excel at their craft with the times. They keep up with the latest technological trends and hacks for Automated Teller Machines.

Every time, I go to the ATM I worry about some fancy gadget stuck, unseen, swiping away a penny of every dollar I withdraw. Or, some hidden device memorizing my pin code.

It’s treacherous times that we live in.

But this is still not the kind of threat that causes the greatest concern.

Hidden Withdrawal Fees for Your Average ATM Visits

The banks themselves are the ones of greater concern. Have you noticed those hidden ATM fees?

It’s like suffering from sticker shock!

You sometimes won’t notice the impact on a one-off transaction.

However, tally the total transactions for the year, and it will certainly amount to more than you are earning in annual interest.

The ever-increasing ATM fees are costing bank users, billions every year. This is true if you withdraw cash at an ATM that is not on your network.

Sheer bankruptcy is where many users end up!

This reality causes many users to boycott certain banks and withdraw their money.

I think hiding our savings in or under the mattress might become a new trend. But even though I jest, it would be cheaper.

Who are the Guilty Banks?

Over a three-month period Sun Trust bank, Citibank and Bank of America increased their ATM fees for out of network transactions.

Fees hiked up from two dollars to $2.50.

By now, increased ATM fees are more than an annual trend.

Let’s explore a few ways how to use an ATM, so that your account balance can avoid unwanted ATM withdrawals.

Tips on How to Avoid Rising ATM Fees

These tips will help you to avoid unwanted ATM fees. Sometimes, banks have several ATM units located throughout a city or town.

Use Google Maps or Smartphone search feature to discover ATM locations.

Locate the nearest ATM to you and make plans to withdraw cash before leaving that vicinity. That way you won’t be unprepared for sudden purchases or transactions.

Sometimes, we go to unfamiliar places, take road trips or visit new locations for work and we can’t find our bank’s ATM unit. So, if you are running out on a date, going to the movies or just enjoying a night on the town, do your checks first.

If you are in a hurry, you won’t notice that your bank’s ATM machines could be just up the street.

Always remember to use ATMs that are in your network.

Forgetting to stick to ATM machines that are in your network, is too costly a mistake to make repeatedly.

Look out for credit unions and other banks that are in partnership with your personal bank. This helps them to minimize make more ATM units available to you, at a lesser surcharge or none at all.

You might also notice that some banks have ATM units in various stores and this is carried throughout their chain of stores.

For example, you can find Chase ATM units in CVS pharmacy stores.

Choose cash back from your debit card purchases.

Have you ever noticed that when you are at the checkout counter at the store, the attendant asks if you want cash back?

And you say no, right?

Well, if you are planning on visiting the ATM machine that week, you might want to rethink that answer.

This method saves you from excess ATM withdrawal fees. You can even opt to stop at the gas station purchase a candy bar for 50 cents and when asked for cash back, take the $20.

Your card will be charged $20.50.

Find a different bank.

At some point, you might be thinking that it is time to switch up banks.

And I agree.

Don’t switch banks without first doing your checks. Before you move, research their ATM network in your area.

Not doing your due diligence, could land you back in the same position you ran from in the first place.

Protect Your Money

Some banking institutions are operating criminally.

After working so hard for your money, the last thing you might want is to see it siphoning off to some entity that has billions compared to your hundreds or thousands.

Do all that you can to protect your money and let it accrue naturally.

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