What Is BNK and Where Can You Get Involved With a BNK Airdrop?

Today, we are going to take a look at Bankera. Bankera, also known in short as BNK, is known as the banking for the blockchain era. As Bankera themselves have said, the banking game has changed, and they're here to fix it.

The Development of BNK

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Bankera’s roadmap outlines the development of their infrastructure. Their pre-ICO is complete, as is their wallet compatibility, and they're currently having initial coin offerings, plus the rest of the roadmap is going to be launched on an exchange too.

Bankera is hoping to maximize their banking capabilities by putting out debit cards as well.

In fact, Bankera has a pretty grand plan when you get down to it.

As far as the idea goes, there are a lot of these companies trying to open banks on the blockchain, but what stands out about BNK is that they're trying to raise a lot of money – $188 million U.S. We can assume that number is going to be a little bit higher, as they're giving out about 30% to people.

Who Makes Up BNK?

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To gain a good idea of how BNK will perform, we can take a look at their team. The people behind Bankera has some weight behind them – the CEO of Bankera has eight years of experience managing operations and digital money exchanges, as well as having a bachelor's degree in economics.

Their VP of business development has experience in the payment processing industry, with three years at Skrill, while their CTO has nine years of experience involving software for large and medium financial institutions, as well as five years working with blockchain technology.

Their team is an all-star team simply because they have ample experience in this area. They also have quality people as far as advisors go.

These include the president of the NEM Foundation, the CEO of Dragonfly, a member of Parliament and also some people who are going to push this forward and try to get things completed as quick as possible.

Getting Involved With the BNK Airdrop

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The price of the tokens is worth mentioning. In the pre-ICO, they sold 10% of the tokens; in the ICO, they're going to give away 30% of the tokens as an airdrop, and then they're going to have a second coin offering (as of yet undisclosed).

Count this as the 40% they’re giving out during their ICO because during their second coin offering, they're looking at doing a whole separate round of funding, and the cap is going to go up again.

What Bankera Hopes To Achieve

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In terms of their timeline, Bankera has developed their pre-ICO launch (beta version), using their parent company, SpectreCoin. Bankera also has a Bitcoin wallet and an exchange which is soon to be up and running. They're aiming to tokenize what SpectreCoin has going, so they're raising money.

When you look at the real utility of the token, it’s for the upcoming exchange. What they're essentially promising in the future is to open an exchange and then turn this into a bank.

It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of what Bankera is offering is built on the promises of an exchange and a bank to come.

In terms of the metrics behind their tokens, the total amount is 5 billion, and the total amount of tokens given to investors is 40% – so 40% of that is about 2 billion.

The market cap for the project is $188 million USD, so the token price is a particularly high number, especially at a time of having a second offering to raise even more money.

The Bankera Wallet and Exchange

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The wallet Bankera has is essentially the entry point to a variety of blockchains. With the way it has been set up, users of Bankera can make use of top-level inter-linking blockchain technology.

This technology is particularly notable as it can handle off-chain as well as cross-chain transactions using various digital assets. Bankera’s integrated exchange also has the ability to change these assets from one to another.

Peer-to-Peer payments also allow users to transfer funds directly to your family or friends at no extra cost.

As well as blockchain-based payments, Bankera’s wallet will offer access to a large number of standardized payment options, allowing for seamless withdrawals and deposits.

Mobile and web applications are built to enable access from wherever you may be.

BNK Cards

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As mentioned before, Bankera is also offering cards that grant the ability to spend any funds held within a Bankera wallet, much in the same way as regular traditional debit or credit cards and wherever they may be accepted also.

This integration into the established infrastructure is not only a smart move on Bankera’s part but will give users of their wallet full control of their card. Both physical and virtual cards are to be made available, giving users the option to make personal choices what best suits their needs.

As well as being able to choose between cards types, users can monitor debit card balances as well as transaction history at just a few clicks. Having this kind of open-ended utility is a great way to entice customers and provide usability all in the same breath.

Should You Invest in BNK?

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So after all this talk of Bankera, how it is put together, and what it can offer, the question lies – should you invest in Bankera?

This in itself is not an easy question and something that you definitely have to toss up before making a firm decision.

In summary, you know you have to do your own research. But here’s a list of positives and negatives you should consider.

One of the strongest positives for Bankera’s case is that they are a bank. They can bring some stability to cryptocurrency; potentially, meaning you can't go and lose all of your money easily. They've also had a successful business with SpectreCoin too, proving their reliability in the field.

Add to the fact that there's going be many cryptos available too – Bitcoin, Dash or ERC20 tokens and more. Scalability is a big talking point for them too. Bankera talks about raising billions of dollars so that they can be scalable.

Once they get those banking contracts, then they could potentially be able to compete with a lot of the big banks out there, so this is another thing they have on their side.

They have the NEM backing too, but the thing that's going to do it for most people investing could be the 20% dividends because if you're holding some tokens, that could be a lot of money for you potentially.

Now, onto the negatives – it is, after all, a bank. Most of us don’t favor the efforts of banks. Secondly, there could be potential fraud charges – make sure you do your own research. Thirdly, there are no licenses at this point.

And the fourth point – Bankera is in the middle of a very long ICO, and there is a long time before they do anything, so it could be the case that your money may be held up for a long time before you see any return. Perhaps you may be better off holding Bitcoins.

Consider that with Bitcoin growing the way it does, we would hope that BNK is worthwhile because Bitcoins could potentially shoot back up in a few years. So perhaps, it may be a better tactic to hold Bitcoin, but we can’t say for sure. This is something for you to think about and to be considered carefully.

The Endgame of BNK Bankera

Now before you go and invest in BNK, it’s more than imperative that you read the white paper – there's a lot of information included in these white papers, especially given that they don’t just write them for academics but for people who are investing.

You can learn a lot, and you can figure out if this is a real project or if this is something not worth your time and money. Getting involved is all down to you – we can’t make that decision for you!

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