Cash Mining: Looking at CND Coin and Its Relevance

While some continue to argue about the yes-or-no of the cryptocurrency boom, the fact remains that a lot of options are out there for those who wish to invest. Once you understand the nature of the industry, you can become a cryptocurrency investor and find success.

Another name floating in the Wild West of cryptocurrency is Cindicator, better known as CND coin. We wanted to show you a thorough analysis of this method of cryptocurrency, and how it stacks up against the competition.

What Is CND Coin and How Do They Work?

The full name of CND coin comes from the project name, known as Cindicator. They currently have no soft cap, while their hard cap sits at a total of $15 million. Right now, a single CND coin is worth one U.S. penny.

As it stands, their maximum market cap upon ICO, assuming a fully diluted basis, is $20 million. They have no plans for a bonus structure, and a white list can be found on the Cindicator website. CND coin falls under the ERC20 token category.

There are no plans at the moment for a crowd sale. Invested tokens are going to be distributed in stages based on white list tiers.

What Are Some Other Details about CND Coin?

Cindicator came to rise in 2015 as a project to improve decision-making abilities by utilizing crowd wisdom. It exists entirely on a mobile app, and it mines data from user-answered questions about the cryptocurrency market. When users correctly predict the outcome of these questions, they are rewarded in CND coin.

The goal of Cindicator and CND coin is to create a system to provide a number of benefits for the cryptocurrency market. They want to make an infrastructure that allows for safe exchange of investor capital by either the actual investors, or a manager licensed to make decisions.

This will create an opportunity for the analysis of intellectual assets, but there will be no risk of the funds involved.

Cindicator and CND coin wish to provide tools and data for investment-making decisions while the market continues to find stability. They’re pushing for the kind of analytics that look up-to-date, even with the high standards in the world of cryptocurrency.

Full ratings for crypto-assets should be available, along with market growth predictions and opportunities for further investment in the market.

What Has CND Coin Accomplished in the Past?

It was back in November 2014 when Cindicator first came up with the idea of using collective answers and rewarding with CND coin. They spent a good chunk of time finalizing the software and released the first version of their app for Apple products in December 2015.

Just a month later, they linked up with the Starta Accelerator thanks to their close proximity in New York City. By the time their acceleration program was all done, Cindicator managed to put together $300,000. Later in 2016, they gained a membership to Microsoft BizSpark, and earned a $120,000 grant along with it. They gained a healthy amount of capital in April and May of 2017, where $200,000 came in from many different investors.

How Can CND Coin Be Used?

The main goal of CND coin is to lure forecasters into providing answers that pan out correctly. The point of providing this cryptocurrency format as a reward is to encourage the correct prediction, and also hope that CND coin finds its footing in the crypto market.

If forecasters continue to provide accurate information, they can earn more money as they continue to provide answers.

Once Cindicator earns the licenses they need, they plan to mark 20% of their crowd sale funding to a specific portfolio. This separate account is entirely managed by Cindicator’s hybrid intelligence platform.

The profits brought in from this platform can be used to purchase CND coins in exchanges and send out the same tokens to forecasters. With this method, forecasters will be rewarded based on their accuracy and amount of participation over a specific period.

There are two main methods of using CND coin. Intelligence needs to be gained based on holding CND coin and spending CND coin. We’ll look into both methods here.

Holding CND Coin

Anyone who holds CND coin is able to access a new level of Cindicator information. You’ll be able to view information, different levels of data, a number of indicators and indices, and analytical products to help with research.

You’ll be able to work with market indicators, and different kinds of service products used in the act of trading. These include notifiers, portfolio monitors, and bots for Telegram and Slack.

You can also hold on to CND coin to use analytical products. These allow you to check out ICO ratings and due diligence, and analysis of investor portfolios and market conditions. All of the market sentiments created by the Cindicator hybrid intelligence can be viewed here as well.

How much access to this information you might have is based on the number of CND coins you have in your immediate possession. As you would expect, the number of CND coins you have is directly proportionate to how long you have spent in the Cindicator system. The more you participate and contribute potential answers, the more you will be able to influence the system for further use.

Spending CND Coin

If you would prefer access to more intelligence, you can spend CND coin to open up more possibilities. You’ll get regular indicators of distribution through messages or email. These can be sent out each day, week, or month, depending on your preference and level of commitment.

You can also purchase access to Software as a Service (Saas), which is a website that analyzes hybrid intelligence. You’ll take the information you gain from this website and use it at other crypto events you might attend. With the rest of your coins, you can gain API access and a mobile application to continue your usage.

The value of intelligence is directly related to the value of CND coin. So, as we saw before, the more that gets accurately predicted, the better the market will be for CND coin.

What Are the Results of Some Testing for Cindicator and CND Coin?

Unlike a lot of other predictors and indicators on the internet, Cindicator has an actual hub for real data to predict future trends. During early testing, they managed to achieve returns of 47%.

It was January 2017 when they launched an experiment to be used with the Moscow Exchange.

This is one of the biggest exchanges in the entire European continent, and in the top ten for derivatives trading across the entire world. Cindicator initiated trades that were based on a combination of artificial and collective intelligences, the latter of which were gathered by its own users. The collective aspect was garnered from a 60/40 split of people with investment experience and none at all, respectively.

Once all of the data was gathered, the hybrid intelligence platform received all of the necessary forecast information, and initiated its own trades based entirely on the information it was given. Afterward, results were posted on the Cindicator Telegram channel each day before the market’s opening.

Thanks to the input of forecasters, the Cindicator robot put out a total of 57 trades. Of these transactions, 36 of them returned a profit throughout the course of the experiment. This proved to be a success, with a 3% return in a single month. Converting the math, it became a 26% return on investment per year.

What Do We Think about Cindicator and CND Coin?

The approach to market analysis used by Cindicator is a unique tool, and one that should be applied by other crypto companies as the market continues to find itself. We like the concept of combining human intelligence with code, and there is potential for using CND coin for two different areas. We could see people holding on to CND coin, and also flipping it on a regular basis.

There is a great team behind Cindicator and flipping CND coin will get you places. The amount of press coverage, the team’s awareness of the crypto market as a whole, and the limit of their fundraising capabilities are all good signs.

We also think people can benefit from stashing CND coin and sitting on it for a while. There is so much potential for the financial data industry that it’s tough to indicate how it will play out. That being said, it’s better to get in on the ground level. The subset of crypto financial data hasn’t even established a baseline yet and linking CND coin to the production of data is brilliant.

Our Conclusions on CND Coin and Its Potential

We think Cindicator and CND coin have a bright future. We worry about the potential for sabotage in the collection of user-generated data, but this is balanced by only rewarding correct predictions.

If you’re looking to start somewhere in the crypto market, CND coin isn’t a bad currency to get your feet wet.

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Our Conclusions on CND Coin and Its Potential

We think Cindicator and CND coin have a bright future. We worry about the potential for sabotage in the collection of user-generated data, but this is balanced by only rewarding correct predictions.

If you’re looking to start somewhere in the crypto market, CND coin isn’t a bad currency to get your feet wet.

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