So, you're looking for a Credit Sesame review, huh? Well, we certainly don't blame you.

As technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our lives, it’s also made dependent on electronics. Most of us use our credit cards and debit cards online when banking or ordering products. Activities like this can put our financial information out on the internet for hackers and identity thieves.

Luckily, some services can help you out. We’ll break it down as you would expect in a Credit Sesame review.

Identity theft can take years to clear up, harm your credit score, and leave you owing thousands of dollars. Credit scores affect buying a house, renting an apartment, and even background checks.

So, what can you do?

What Does Credit Sesame Offer?

Monitoring your credit is essential in today’s electronic age. However, many people don’t know where to start.

If you’re one of those people, you don’t have to worry. There’s good news for you. You can use a simple app to help you watch your credit.

If you’re new to using credit monitoring services and you want to see what’s out there, you can join for free. One important point to make in this Credit Sesame review is that this company offers several free services.

Some of those services include a monthly TransUnion VantageScore, free credit monitoring, credit report access, free alerts on your TransUnion credit score, and identity theft insurance up to $50,000. You can check out Credit Sesame’s free services.

If you decide to sign up for their free service, you’ll need to supply your name, address, email address, and Social Security number. Fortunately, no credit card is necessary.

Compared to some of the competition, there is no “free trial” period. You can use their free services for years. You can upgrade your account using your credit card.

Credit Check Repair vs. Credit Sesame

One of Credit Sesame’s competitors, Credit Check Repair, also comes in the form of an app. By comparison, Credit Sesame’s free alerts and credit monitoring services do most of the work for you.

Credit Check Repair is difficult to understand. This is why Credit Sesame is so popular. It's very simple to use. While Credit Check Repair offers helpful article guides with information, that’s about all the service does.

Credit Check Repair works more like an encyclopedia of knowledge to guide you about credit repair, rather than a credit monitoring service. The app’s delivery resembles a textbook format. Consequently, it’s far less proactive than Credit Sesame.

There is no constant credit monitoring with Credit Check Repair, no free alerts, or anything else.

Credit Karma vs. Credit Sesame

Another well-known Credit Sesame competitor, Credit Karma offers many of the same free services that Credit Sesame provides with no trial periods.

Credit Karma works like an app and allows you to view credit scores and reports for free from TransUnion and Equifax. Moreover, Credit Karma also does not ask for your credit card.

After you sign up to Credit Karma, you’ll be able to track your credit whenever you’d like. Like Credit Sesame, you’ll also get plenty of information and tools that will help you understand your credit score. Credit Karma also gives you suggestions to help improve your credit score.

In this Credit Sesame review, you may think Credit Karma and Credit Sesame sound remarkably similar. However, there are two differences.

Credit Karma offers free credit reports from two out of the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion and Equifax). Credit Sesame only supplies free credit reports from TransUnion.

While that may sound like Credit Sesame isn’t the best choice, that’s not necessarily the case. Credit Karma may not help a person overcome significant credit issues, like bankruptcy, since there are no upgrades. That means Credit Sesame offers a few more beneficial service for those who upgrade.

Credit Sesame Review: Pros and Cons

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While Credit Sesame offers many benefits to those wanting to improve and monitor their credit, the service comes with a few pros and cons. Depending on what you need to help you improve your confidence, Credit Sesame might be the right service for you.

Credit Sesame does offer many pros for people looking to try out a credit monitoring service. First, they supply an excellent, unlimited free trial, and their upgraded plans are cheap.

Their open-plan covers only TransUnion, which isn’t the credit bureau most lenders check. Still, you’ll get a general idea where you stand.

If you want more, you can pay a low monthly fee and receive updates from all three credit bureaus. Also, if you upgrade, you’ll get some basic identity theft monitoring services.

Another positive about Credit Sesame is its popularity since Credit Sesame boasts more positive customer reviews than other similar services.

Credit Sesame offers a comprehensive list of advantages, but there are also a few disadvantages. Credit Sesame doesn’t provide as much identity theft protection as some of its competitors.

Also, while Credit Sesame alerts you to changes in your credit, it doesn’t offer bank or credit card account monitoring.

Another noticeable con about Credit Sesame is their contact information. Unfortunately, this service does not supply a phone number or online chat, so there’s no direct line to customer service.

Credit Sesame: To Buy or Not to Buy?

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If you’re looking for an excellent free credit monitoring service to try, then Credit Sesame gives you just what you need. Plus, if you want to opt for other services, you’ll be able to do so by upgrading your Credit Sesame review service.

Now that we’ve come to the end of our Credit Sesame review, it’s time for you to complete your own Credit Sesame review. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose with Credit Sesame since you can sign up for free! So, give Credit Sesame a try and sign up today

If you have a few questions about Credit Sesame or you want to share your thoughts about the service, please post below in our comments section.

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