Cash is super inconvenient for myriad reasons. One is that you must go to the bank for a cash withdrawal. One study found that Americans take about 28 minutes per month just traveling to the bank or ATM to take money out. You also can’t shop online with cash, so know smile-inducing Amazon packages for you.



Let’s face it, the more cash you have the easier it is to spend. It is no accident that there is a common question associated with having a fat stack of cash in your wallet “is that money burning a hole in your pocket?” We hope not.


Not only is cash expensive to print and maintain but it’s expensive for the holder. Holding on to cash can result in loss of revenue. Losses in the form of theft are largest for businesses and for the government, it’s loss of tax revenue.  We will deep dive into the relative cost of holding and using cash.


Cash is gross. A Wright Patter Medical study revealed that 87% of the paper money was contaminated with bacteria that could cause infection in individuals with a weak immune system and only 6% was clean. In addition, 90% of all paper money in the US and Canada are tainted with trace amounts of cocaine.


Looking at the Millennial Generation

Looking at the Millennial Generation

We’ve all heard of the term “Millennials,” but who they are exactly is a lot less certain. “Millennials” is often used to stereotype those who are free spirits that love traveling, brunch, and avocado toast. But the term Millennials is representative of an entire...

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