Rumors, mystique, murder, kidnappings and antivirus, these are all words linked to the eccentric and charismatic John McAfee.

He is not your average software millionaire like the docile Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. John McAfee seems to lead a life that only mob bosses and explosive political figures, such as Saddam and Gaddafi have led.

His name swirls in the rumor pits of Belize.

He was jailed in Guatemala.

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Who can say what is true or false? But for sure, there’s a tinge of truth in the mix.

Many wonder, how big are his balls for then running in the 2016 Presidential Race, but with the current political shenanigans, is any of this impossible or implausible?

With documentaries about murder and intrigue coming out of networks like Showtime, we must pay attention. This documentary “Gringo,” causes us to examine John McAfee’s history with as much thoroughness as the McAfee antivirus.

Who is John McAfee?

John David McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman or at least that’s what it says on Wikipedia.

He is an Army brat whose father served in the United Kingdom and married a British woman before coming back to live in Salem, Virginia.

In school, he studied and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.

Before his reputation was sullied, McAfee started his company in 1987. They launched a premier product, McAfee antivirus. Dubbed the first commercial product of its kind, the antivirus gave John notoriety.   

He worked for NASA, Univac, Xerox and Lockhead before launching out and making millions with the McAfee antivirus and other suite of security products.

Even though he left in 1994, Intel bought the company and renamed it in 2011. It is now Intel Security.

​John McAfee Net Worth​

Though he is no longer worth $100 million due to the financial recession back in 2007, John McAfee Bitcoin investments are keeping him afloat. He has other investments in natural antibiotics, Smartphone applications, and even yoga.

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Sources say John McAfee’s net worth is now closer to five million.

This is a huge gap from his former glory days. Problems with the law, in Belize, Guatemala and the United States, and bad investment choices of the past drained his once golden empire.

The tarnished reputation of that empire makes him open to deep scrutiny. For many of the people in Belize, he was a splurging, wealthy tech guru with dark criminal links to murderers, gang members, hit men and young girls.

​John McAfee Twitter Debacles

McAfee is another Trump like Twitter announcer, who uses the social media platform rather than the traditional media, to make his proclamations.

He uses the account to dish out the latest tidbits about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

According to John McAfee, “In the long term Bitcoin moves above $500,000 within three years. Bets? If not, I will eat my dick on national television.”

At the end of 2017, he declared that his Twitter account was hacked. The perpetrator seemed to dispense coin of the day advice, which McAfee said he was no longer doing.

“Urgent:  My account was hacked. Twitter has been notified. The coin of the day tweet was not me. As you all know… I am not doing a coin of the day anymore!”

McAfee blamed Twitter’s security protocols for the incident.

​Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee

Having lived the life of an eccentric fugitive, no wonder networks are interested in John McAfee’s sordid past.

The most recent was Showtime network.

This project was spearheaded by Nanette Burstein. She completed other projects such as “On the Ropes,” and was nominated for an Oscar award.

Burstein came back to America after she left Belize and Guatemala, with even more questions about John McAfee’s sordid life in those countries.

Showtime premiered the documentary, “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee,” at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016.

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Most of the disclosed accusations were about the death of Gregory Faull. He was McAfee’s neighbor in Belize. Police tried to apprehend the software guru for questioning, but he fled the country and sought asylum in nearby Guatemala.

While there he was arrested, imprisoned, fell ill and eventually deported to the United States.

Gregory Faull’s murder case was never solved.

The documentary showcases a slew of witnesses, who alleged that McAfee committed the crime. There are many more rumors of other murders, committed by McAfee, and criminal activities. However, these were not included in the taping.

McAfee himself is not in the documentary. He was rebuffed after allegedly wanting cut of the profits.

Burstein said she took this project because, “I’ve always been fascinated by people who are under the spotlight of coming from fame, money, power, and how that affects them.”

The Afterlife of John McAfee

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These days McAfee is teaching yoga classes and writing books about yoga. He loves the Zen lifestyle. John McAfee settled in Tennessee, with Janice Dyson, his wife.

Did he get off scotch free for committing crimes in the past? We may never know.

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