Bucking Trends: Looking at Linda Coin and Its Future

Today, headlines about crypto trends range from utter doom and gloom to a future resembling the Wild West. We’ll see negative forecasts from traditional banks, while the CEO of Nasdaq insists that upcoming listings will include cryptocurrencies.

It’s hard to tell one potential success story from another, but Linda Coin hopes to stand out among the crowd.

We explored the concepts and ideas behind Linda Coin and how they expect to find success in an increasingly crowded crypto market. We’ll share our observations below and let you decide if Linda Coin is an entry point for you.

What Makes Linda Coin Different from Other Cryptocurrencies?

The idea behind Linda Coin is to provide a competitive reward structure for those who get in early. It makes note of Proof-of Work and Proof-of-Stake, giving it an advantage over other crypto algorithms based solely on PoS block rewards and APR.

Linda Coin processes each transaction with what it calls a masternode. This way, each transaction is kept secure inside multi-wallets and all addresses are completely shadowed from outside eyes. There is almost no processing time for each transaction, allowing you to make decisions in what feels like real time.

The option for total and complete anonymity through the buying process is a massive advantage, and something we would like to see in other crypto transactions.

We also loved the ease of use for Linda Coin. The platform gives you a number of platforms where you can set up a masternode. You can sync up with their blockchain for transactions by using the masternode system, which got a massive thumbs-up from our team.

The Linda Coin mobile app is another addition they wish to implement in such a short time of rapid growth. With just one tap on your screen, you’ll be auto-bootstrapping and making masternodes in the same time it takes to get a push notification.

How Was Linda Coin Developed?

Originally, the concept for Linda Coin was born out of Portugal. The team of developers conceived Linda with the idea of a centralized, balanced cryptocurrency that could be utilized in Portugal. The idea of Linda Coin was originally a spinoff of 8-Bit Coin, but this phase of the project was dropped not too long after it first launched.

That’s when Jonah Glasgow, Linda Coin CEO, stepped in and decided to join forces with the creator of Linda Coin. The team began as apprentices for the original team behind the crypto format, but after scaling was required, some disagreements began. Basic business practices and how Linda Coin could reach the most people possible were at the heart of the arguments.

In the end, the current Linda Coin team decided that they had the future of the format’s best interests in mind. Since that time, the team has grown at a rapid rate. Along with expanding the number of members on the team itself, the scope of Linda Coin has been focused on dealing with one problem at a time.

How Has Linda Coin Changed Over the Course of Development?

In December of 2017, the original team was brought together after the project’s direction was finalized. They were dedicated to getting to know each other and ironing out personal disagreements for the sake of Linda Coin.

The idea was to hone in on what everyone wanted out of cryptocurrency as a whole, and how to apply development and technology toward filling the gaps in the industry.

By dropping the price for masternodes, Linda Coin completed a long discussion would benefit in the long run. This did not happen overnight and resulted in many arguments. However, the results have proven positive for the Linda Coin model.

Thanks to the dropped price, transactions and confirmations are happening much faster. This also gives users the opportunity to join in market transactions from just about anywhere.

The second version of Linda Coin lets users become part of a blockchain through community features. The total coin supply is going to be eliminated in favor of a Coin Emissions system. This way, user amounts of Linda Coin will not be directly impacted when decisions are made.

Emissions on 2% of every PoS reward and 3% of every PoW reward make up the new standards under the Linda Coin system.

Thanks to this new feature system, the production of coins is drastically reduced. With the new masternode pricing, reward emissions are coupled with increased transaction fees. This works to provide a built-in solution to inevitable inflation. It also helps that Linda Coin won’t have to spend any extra time brainstorming for new ways to combat increased costs in the future.

What Are Some Specs for Linda Coin Operations?

Here are a few features of the next iteration of the Linda Coin system that you might be interested in:

  • 2 million masternode activations
  • 10% increases in default transaction fees and speeds
  • Total block time of 64 seconds
  • Supply cap of 30 billion

Mobile App

With the Linda Coin mobile app, you get access to PoS solutions. You can also work toward a global solution through partnerships of multiple cryptocurrencies. If you’ve ever wanted an easy way to juggle multiple crypto wallets, Linda Coin has you covered.

What this means is that all partnerships don’t quite have timetables to develop mobile apps, and Linda Coin has a leg up on the competition.

With the convenience of a mobile app already established and with their foot in the door, Linda Coin is in a perfect market position.

The mobile app will combine all potential partners into one hub, bringing the total potential value of a market cap to over a billion dollars.  Inside the blockchain industry, that makes Linda Coin one of the titans in an already crowded landscape.

Linda X

The pending name for the new platform of custom digital assets and currencies is a huge focus for the future of Linda Coin. The platform allows foer multi-layer networks to contribute to the improvement in decentralization and users associated with the trading of cryptocurrency. All developer software is integrated with the creation of tokens, offering an unprecedented variety in terms of DAPPS.

The Linda X platform uses tools and commands that help people place everything the need for regulations and technology under one umbrella. Thanks to this, you won’t have to constantly swap back and forth between legal speak and coding. If we can stuff more info on one monitor, we’ll take it, and Linda Coin seems to have the developer in mind when creating this platform.


If you want to compare Linda Coin to an existing platform, look no further than ERC20. Compared to this, Linda X has a much better developer support system. As uniform as ERC20 is, there isn’t much room for one-on-one support when problems arise. ERC20 works wonderfully for use in some of the top current cryptocurrencies on the market. The difference here is the way Linda X wants to directly support developers.

Linda Coin wants to provide access to anyone interested in calling Linda their home. They plan to help with marketing and the development of Linda X before they launch their own token inside the platform.

With an existing currency already established, Linda X will seem more attractive and usable than other platforms that already offer similar options.

How Does Linda Coin View the Future of Crypto Distribution?

According to the Linda Coin team, a decentralized governance of token creation needs to be at the core of any crypto team.

Linda is very libertarian in its approach to their platform, which lies at the heart of the use and development of Linda X. They cite Binance and Coinbase as models to follow, having a legal team review each coin prior to its listing for trade.

For Linda X, a cryptocurrency’s value must already be proven before it is allowed a place on the platform. If the project or token’s scope matches what Linda Coin is searching for in a token offering, it could become eligible for the voting phase of listing. This gives the community at large the final say in whether a currency should be allowed, eliminating the problems of too many uninvolved users.

Any projects and tokens approved for Linda X have to maintain the ideology behind the team’s design of the platform. If the creation of the token or platform isn’t finished in the agreed timetable, the community can vote to delist the format and restrict any further development.

Final Thoughts on Linda Coin and Its Viability

There are some who won’t agree with Linda Coin and its approach based simply on their political values. While we understand this is a potential barrier for entry, we would encourage anyone casting Linda Coin aside to reconsider their own opinion.

The potential for a user-run developer platform for cryptocurrency might be extreme, but it has unlimited potential as long as each developer knows their place in the crypto world.

We are just as excited for the future of Linda Coin as the team who first took over the project. With a few good trends and the backing of talented developers, Linda Coin might be your future home for all things crypto.

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