Will OMG Coin Support PRL AirDrop?

If you participate in digital currency exchange, you’re likely familiar with OMG coin, otherwise known as omg coin. OMG coin is produced by a company called OmiseGo, and has a number of unique properties that set it apart from most other cryptocurrencies.

One question concerning omg coin investors is the potential integration with AirDrop, a feature primarily used by Mac and iOS devices for wireless file sharing. We hope to answer that question for current and potential OmiseGo investors, as well as provide an outlook for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.

This article will also discuss omg coin, covering some of the digital currency’s advantages and disadvantages, while providing beginners with an overview of the current cryptocurrency market. Read on to learn more.

What Exactly is OMG Coin?

OMG coin is an entry in the relatively new market of Cryptocurrencies, otherwise known as Digital Currencies. In the case of omg coin, these coins are sometimes referred to as tokens.

Cryptocurrencies are electronic, and most banking and exchange information is maintained virtually in a storage cloud. Digital currencies are generally traded via a digital exchange.

A basic description would be to liken a digital currency exchange to a physical currency exchange, with the process of digital exchange obviously being much more technical and potentially safer due to encryption.

A key selling point of digital currencies is that they are decentralized, meaning that they are not tied to a specific national economy. This gives cryptocurrencies a global flavor, and removes them from reliance on the ebbs and flows of any country’s economy.

OMG coin is otherwise known as OMG or OmiseGo, and is accordingly produced and supported by Omise. Digital transactions occur via the OMG network. The OMG network is Ethereum-based, and allows for transparent, person-to-person transactions in real time. OmiseGo is big on decentralization and removing middlemen – as well as the associated fees – allowing for straightforward peer-to-peer transactions via their OMG network.

The service distinguishes itself by circumventing the need for another digit al exchange. OMG coin integrates most major cryptocurrencies with more traditional payment services such as Visa, eliminating the tedious and often overly technical digital exchange process.

OMG coin is referred to as a “white-label” product, as it can be considered a blank canvas upon which to project an idea or function. Many different products – in this case digital currencies – work in conjunction with omg coin, giving the product a great degree of versatility.

In short, omg coin hopes to solve a major problem with digital currency use – the exchange process – by simplifying and streamlining the process.

What is PRL?

PRL stands for “Preferred Roaming List”, and is a database used in conjunction with certain mobile phones. These databases are built and maintained by cellular service providers such as Verizon and Sprint, and PRLs come into play when a person’s mobile phone is connecting to a signal tower.

Without an accurate PRL, a mobile phone will not have the ability to roam outside of the phone’s home network, and may also have connectivity problems within the home network itself.

A PRL database includes an Acquisition table, which runs down available radio frequencies within given service areas, and a System table.

The System table organizes the towers a mobile phone can connect to by order of preference, and removes towers that the phone is not permitted to connect to. It’s important to understand was a PRL is in order to understand AirDrop, and the ways in which omg coin and the OMG network can or cannot be used on your mobile devices.

What is AirDrop?

Now that you better understand omg coin and some of the service’s unique aspects, it’s easier to discuss the role AirDrop potentially plays in the growth and longevity of omg coin.

As noted above, AirDrop allows for file sharing between wireless networks, and mainly concerns Apple/iOS users.

AirDrop solves a problem by simplifying file sharing. Whereas most users would probably text or email files that they wish to share, AirDrop lets users share more complex files (such as longer notes, locations on Maps, complete websites, etc) in a streamlined fashion.

Given that OMG coin users would likely prefer to complete exchanges on their mobile devices, many prospective omg coin investors would want to know if the service is compatible with AirDrop and iOS devices.

OmiseGo answers some of the concerns about AirDrop directly on their site’s FAQ.

Per OmiseGo, any omg coin that was set to be airdropped has already been airdropped. OMG essentially washes their hands by stating that the process was automated and out of their control.

That said, random drops of omg coin have found their way into the e-wallets across the globe. This may be a ploy on the part of OmiseGo. A mass OmiseGo airdrop distributed 5% of the total OMG supply to Ethereum users. Free money is certainly a way to promote a product and encourage people to further investigate omg coin, and OmiseGo is not the first company to use an airdrop in this fashion.

In fact, airdrops have become commonly used as a way to distribute free product and drum up interest in a company or service. If you maintain an e-wallet, it’s possible you received a token amount of omg coin some time in the recent past.

Omg Coin Outlook for 2018 and Beyond

Like most digital currencies and services of this nature, investors and speculators closely monitor and heavily trade omg coin, as many financial experts believe digital currencies are the wave of the future.

Here is a quick overview of Omise, as the company stands in 2018:

OMG Coin Advantages 

  • Within the cryptocurrency market, omg coin has quickly risen to around the 20th most prominent currency. In a market with almost 2000 digital coins, this is not to be discounted.
  • Omise has a clearly outlined plan for future success. OMG coin was not hastily conceived.
  • OMG coin clearly solves a problem, that being the confusing, overly technical nature of digital currency exchange.
  • The currency gained a lot of value in a short amount of time, displaying a potential for another rapid climb in the future.

OMG Coin Concerns

  • Digital currencies on the whole are beginning to flounder (relatively speaking), with only the biggest digital coins being resistant to this market sink. OMG coin is experiencing a recession with most other smaller and mid-sized cryptocurrencies.
  • This sink has now gone on for over six months, without a large market reversal on the horizon.
  • OMG coin in particular is very up-and-down, with investors having a hard time affixing a value while speculators jump on and off very easily.
  • Because of these extreme variations, future investors are a bit gun-shy about buying heavily into omg coin for fear of a cataclysmic crash. This hesitation puts a ceiling on the product’s total worth.

Cryptocurrency speculation is strongly linked to announcements and developments in tech.

For example, in 2017 Omise and Apple announced a partnership in which omg coin would factor prominently into ApplePay’s facial recognition payment system.

As part of this venture, OmiseGo announced their plan to develop a service called Omise FacePay. Speculators went so far as to refer to this collaboration as “the future of payment.”

This never came to pass, and thus the value of omg coin stock never exploded the way speculators anticipated.

As of this writing in August 2018, omg coin currently trades at $4.37 USD, with a market cap of $613,072,070 USD and a daily trading volume of $21,232,758 USD. These figures are substantial within the cryptocurrency exchange market, though OmiseGo – like many competitors such as Lisk – have been unable to penetrate the mainstream market the way Bitcoin and Ethereum have.

But the outlook has some upside. Mid-sized cryptocurrencies such as Tezos currently trade at a daily volume around $2 million, or one-tenth of omg coin’s current trade rate. So, there’s still notable interest in OmiseGo.

Part of the reason omg coin trades with such volume and fervor is that it participates in these three distinct markets. Whereas products such as Zcash strictly trade as cryptocurrencies, the multifaceted nature of omg coin allows it to be traded in multiple markets, increasing perceived value.

However, some speculators, including Wallet Investor, predict a steady decline in value with moderate potential for a complete crash. There are numerous reasons for this – not the least of which is the volatile nature of digital currencies – but the dissolution of the ApplePay and FacePay integration has caused omg coin enthusiasm to wane. But this isn’t to say that omg coin isn’t investible. Futurists and those heavily involved in tech may see a service on the precipice of explosion.

The issue remains that the everyday use of digital currency is just not mainstream enough in 2018 for swarms of investors to buy big into omg coin.

So overall, omg coin’s outlook for 2018 and beyond is mixed (as is the case with most cryptocurrencies), with room for optimism.

OmiseGo’s value will likely continue to rise and fall with the mainstream interest in cryptocurrency, and unless it somehow establishes itself as universal as Bitcoin or Ethereum, it will likely continue to be wildly unpredictable.

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