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stratis coin

Stratis Coin Predictions for the Future

If you are an investor, speculator, or just someone who like to stay current on market trends, it’s likely that you’ve heard or read about digital currencies.

Plenty of people justifiably expect digital currencies to be the wave of the future, and while this may or may not come to pass, digital currencies are still in relative infancy compared to more established forms of currency.

One such digital currency is Stratis, alternately referred to as the Stratis blockchain platform, STRAT coin, or stratis coin.

STRAT coin has a number of unique benefits and qualities that separate it from most other digital currencies on the market. These will be explained in detail below.

Additionaly, this article also aims to provide a firm overview on digital currency, explain the role of stratis coin within the current digital currency framework, and give speculators an idea of what the future potentially holds for stratis coin.

Read on to learn more.

What Exactly is Cryptocurrency?

You may or may not be very familiar with cryptocurrency, the general term for decentralized digital or electronic money. Cryptocurrencies appear to be the future of commerce, as they offer a number of compelling advantages that currencies tied to national economies do not.

That said, the long-term values of many cryptocurrencies are still being determined. Because digital currency is such a relatively new concept, the value of a particular cryptocurrency can rise and fall at a dramatic rate.

Because of these wild fluctuations, sites like CoinMarketCap have emerged. These sites keep a hawk-like eye on rapidly-fluctuating currencies such stratis coin, and rank the currencies based on market cap, total volume, and movement within a 24-hour (daily) time period.

Many investors and speculators exchange cryptocurrencies at feverish rates, a finance and investment term known as a daily trading volume or volume of trade.

Cryptocurrencies have produced an interesting effect within the market, as speculators buy heavily into low-value cryptocurrencies and then try to quickly flip them when they hit a spike.

One such example is Potcoin, which has twice seen massive price spikes for sponsoring Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea and Singapore in June 2017 and 2018, respectively.

In both cases, Potcoin experienced huge leaps in both trading volume and market cap following the announcement of Rodman’s partnership with the digital currency.

However, the interest and value of Potcoin fell almost as quickly as it soared. As of this writing in September 2018, Potcoin continues to recede, dropping to a fraction of the amount it was trading for in June 2018.

While this type of sponsorship ploy is a bit unusual, the effect is quite illustrative of how quickly cryptocurrency values – including the value of stratis coin – can rise and fall.

The newness and uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies has led to a situation where traders swap them like penny stocks, buying into potentially hot cryptocurrencies and as soon as they turn a small profit. At times, the process has more in common with gambling than investing.

This isn’t to dissuade anyone from investing in cryptocurrencies or stratis coin in particular, but in the interest of full disclose, it’s important for readers to know how digital currencies tend to play in the market.

So What is Stratis?

Stratis is the company behind stratis coin, with the company motto being “we make blockchain easy for you.”

That said, Stratis may in fact be the most “tech-heavy” cryptocurrencies available today. Depending upon your savviness with tech, this can be very appealing or make you more reluctant to purchase or invest in stratis coin.

Stratis is based out on London, and was originally conceived as a solution for enterprise logistics. Supply chains are forced to use an incredible amount of paperwork, and even in the digital age the need to document everything has become a drag on efficiency.

Security, though less of an issue than efficiency, is also a major concern within supply chains. There is simply too much for even sophisticated technicians to tabulate and secure while keeping the chain moving at an optimal pace.

Enter Stratis, which was created to solve this problem with Blockchain-as-a-service.

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) is when an external service provider – in this case Stratis – is paid to put a blockchain infrastructure into place for a client. The client also pays a provider such as Stratis to maintain blockchain connected nodes.

By paying providers such as Stratis to oversee the backend of their business, clients greatly improve efficiency while enhancing security via the blockchain system. This is how Stratis rose to prominence.

Since then, Stratis has become a full blockchain development network, with its most notable competitor being Ethereum.

By comparison, Ethereum is extremely streamlined and probably more accessible to mainstream users. Ethereum also has the advantage of being the first major BaaS service on the market, and has achieved significant brand and name recognition within the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds.

So, Stratis is a bit behind Ethereum in usage (and way behind in value, per CoinMarketCap), even if it is more technologically sophisticated.

In the interest of being more business-friendly, Stratis recently launched the alpha version of their C# Stratis Smart Contract. This program was constructed in a more widely-used programming language, and in theory can be integrated seamlessly into preexisting structures.

As the company tries to make itself more accessible to laypeople who may not live and breathe tech, it continues to lean on its other offering, that being STRAT coin.

What is STRAT Coin?

stratis coin

Known as STRAT in cryptocurrency exchanges, stratis coin is an upper-middle tier cryptocurrency, with a market cap over $170 million as of September 2018 and a daily trading volume of almost $2.5 million dollars.

The currency is often referred to as “stratis coin” or “STRAT coin” in order to differentiate it from the company itself and their various blockchain developments.

The coin itself is relatively young even by cryptocurrency standards, as it did not reach market until Summer 2016.

The currency was flat until Summer 2017, when it saw a massive spike followed by a significant plummet in Fall 2017. This pattern would repeat itself in January and Spring 2018, though the stratis coin baseline is still higher than it had been initially.

STRAT coin had its highest day ever in January 2018, as the coin reached an all-time high of $21.21. The currency has fallen significantly since that time, as interest has waned as with many mid-sized or smaller cryptocurrencies.

Stratis coin currently trades at rates around $1.75 in American dollars and 0.00024021 in Bitcoin. These rates are on a very slight rise, though like most cryptocurrencies STRAT has been on a fairly drastic overall decline since peaking in January 2018.

Again, as is the case with most cryptocurrencies – meaning those that aren’t Bitcoin or Ethereum-sized – the financial health of and interest in STRAT coin is largely speculative.

Even seasoned investors don’t know what to make of novel cryptocurrencies or what their long-term outlook might be, and many are gun-shy from having been burnt in the recent past by overinvesting in a hot cryptocurrency.

Stratis Coin Predictions for Late 2018

Like most other cryptocurrencies, the future of stratis coin is difficult to anticipate.

As with any other currency, the value of stratis coin is tied to demand and speculation. And as noted above, a problem for Stratis and STRAT coin may be that the company is a bit ahead of its time, at least as of Fall 2018.

The announcement of the C# Smart Contract is a good (if tentative) first step toward making Stratis technology more accessible to laypeople.

This announcement was so well-received that industry juggernaut Microsoft took notice, and plans to make blockchain technology almost as mainstream as Microsoft Office.

Industry experts seem to believe that stratis coin should return to a price of about $10-$12 USD by early 2019, but this again is largely speculation.

The holdup is the newfound trepidation surrounding most cryptocurrencies on the whole – a market which has chilled considerably since the initial explosion of enthusiasm – and the tenuous position of Stratus within the supply chain/blockchain market.

Investors would have to count on the C# Smart Contract technology not only seamlessly integrating into preexisting business platforms – many of which currently use Ethereum – but then the businesses that have been using Ethereum for years to find a compelling reason to switch over to Stratis Smart Contract.

This is not an unreasonable leap of faith, as Stratis again is clearly highly-sophisticated, even within a cutting-edge world.

But business realists know that companies tend to grow comfortable with products that reliably work, and are reluctant to even try new products without major incentive.

What’s Next for Stratis Coin?

Ethereum has been proven to work with extreme reliability for a lot of businesses, which is why the associated digital currency ranks only behind Bitcoin within the market.

While it may be an oversimplification to refer to Stratis’ #C Smart Contract program, BaaS, and blockchain technology as a collective “product”, the reality is that the backend of supply chain is not something a lot of business people want to concern themselves with.

Most people only want to know if the product or service works, and if there’s a better, cheaper alternative. Until Stratis improves upon the concept that Ethereum has implemented, the value of stratis coin is likely to hover in the $5-$20 range for the foreseeable future.

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