The 21st century has seen a huge expansion in technological advancement.

The creative genius of men and women all over the world is changing the landscape in all areas of business and commerce.

Emerging technologies are utilized in education, space exploration and new technology is incorporated in the agricultural sector. There are innovative approaches used to curb environmental pollution, getting rid of plastic waste and de-polluting the world’s oceans of plastic waste.

Tesla and other companies started research and development in self-driving vehicles. And closer to home, we see robotics and AI devices invading our homes.

As a planet, we have stepped off into a vortex of constant development and only great things can come of that.

Technological Advancement in Education

Our education industry needs as much help as it can get and technology is doing just that.

Schools use technological devices to assist in everyday teaching. Students have access to computers and tablets while sitting in the classroom. Teachers are finding new ways, to engage students by using these devices to complete homework assignments and conduct research.

The learning gap is steadily closing. Fewer students are being marginalized because they have limited access to technology.

Technological Advancement in Space Exploration

In recent times, there has been a renewed interest in space exploration.

The aerospace program is of great significance to the United States. It has contributed to national development. NASA has had a long history in this sector that is why they hold the top position in the areas of aeronautics and space. 

Tesla and Elon Musk are forging similar paths in this area.

But NASA has a continued commitment to pursuing advanced technologies. They continue to place an emphasis on transformative technology and creating other hi-tech solutions; this will facilitate job creation.

There is a trickle-down effect from investing in aerospace technology. 

This occurs in all industries, from Smartphones to clean air technologies as well as new technology in medical imaging.

Engineering and Science students studying across the nation and in global educational institutions can increase our efforts and understanding of new technologies.

This will take the space program beyond its current boundaries.

The mandate that dictates the strategies for NASA, was created many years ago. But it is still applicable today.

America holds NASA and other like-minded space technology inventors like Tesla, to great expectations.

Technological Advancement in Our Homes

The generation today who used to watch episodes of the “Jetsons,” who used to watch “Minority Report” and “Artificial Intelligence” must be in awe.

Thirty or twenty years ago, we could never have thought that those farfetched technology gadgets would already be in the palm of our hands, or in our homes.

What we saw on our television screens are now being implemented right across the world.

There are robotic chefs in being used in places like China to prepare meals. Hovercraft vehicles are being tested.

China already has robotic underground car garages that place your car in hidden slots, when you come home to your apartment.

Twenty years ago, we were still using slow processing systems in Apple and Microsoft computers. These two brands were the major game players back then.

No more!

Amazon uses robots in their storage facilities to transport, stack, sort and fetch consumer items.

Siri is the go-to for anything we need on the Smartphone.

Google is the top search engine in the world and can answer practically any query.

Soon we will no longer need to build huge facilities to generate electricity because every home will have solar power or wind powered items.

Certainly, the planet will be thankful for these less pollutive endeavors.

Bill Gates was living in a ‘smart home’ long before many of us ever dreamt of the concept.

Have you seen the adverts on television of the robotic vacuum cleaners?

Cleaning the floors is one of those chores that everyone, especially homemakers, will be happy to see being modernized and the manual element long removed.

If you have difficulty getting up in the morning, you will be happy to learn that there is a robotic alarm clock on wheels that hides in far to reach places, so that you have to get out of bed to track it down.

Already some homes are using new technologies like wireless lighting systems and motion detectors.

Living in the 21st century is great!

Where Will We Go in 10 Years?

With all that we have already accomplished, how much farther can we go?

Will we be bathed and dressed by robotics as we step out of bed in ten years?

Will all manual vehicles be a thing of the pass?

These are exciting times when we examine the technological advancement that we have already experienced in the 21st century.

Right now, we can enjoy the benefits and live a more comfortable existence, especially in our homes where gadgets are making our daily chores much easier.

With one eye in the present, let’s also keep another looking towards the future.

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